TOPTUL Professional Tools, unless otherwise specified, are unconditionally guaranteed against any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the tool. We will repair or replace any tool that fails to give satisfactory service, on the condition that the tool has not been abused or modified and that it is returned to an authorized warranty TOPTUL dealer. Users can always rely on TOPTUL high quality professional tools.

Common problems that are not covered by TOPTUL warranty

  • Misuse & Abusing TOPTUL products

    For instance, misusing the screwdrivers as chisels, or hit wrenches with a hammer to increase driving force. The badly worn products are resulted from misuse and abuse.

  • Altered TOPTUL products

    For instance, thin out certain facet of products purposely to increase the operating space. The altered, thin open—end of wrench allows users to work in a confined area but easily resulted in distortion to the wrenches.

  • Imposed an improper External Force on using TOPTUL products

    For instance, add an additional steel pipe with wrench handle to enhance leverage. The increased strong force which imposed on the products can easily damage and distortion to the wrenches.

  • Using hand tool product as Air impact tools or Power Tools

    For instance, the generated intensive force from impact wrench that imposed on hand socket can easily cause cracks around the socket drive.

Warning & Safety Recommendation

  • Do Not Impose Strength When Screwdriver Blade Tip ls Not Vertical To The Screw

  • Do Not Use Screwdrivers As Pry Bars, Levers, Punches Or Chisels

  • Do Not Twist The Ratchet When The Sockets ls Not Engaged To The Fastener Head Fully

  • Read Proper Instructions Before Use Tools

  • Do Not Open Multiple Drawers At A Time

  • Do Not Use Pliers To Hammer/Strike The Bolts And Nuts

  • Do Not Use Pliers To Tighten Or Loosen The Bolts And Nuts

  • Wear Safety Goggles During Works At All Time